- The Washington Times - Friday, October 6, 2017

The Atlantic’s David Frum had a social media feed filled with angry Second Amendment activists on Friday after telling his readers that responsible gun ownership is a “myth.”

Twitter followers quickly voiced their displeasure with The Atlantic’s senior editor leading into the weekend over his op-ed on Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock’s deadly massacre last weekend, which killed 58 and wounded 489 others. Mr. Frum promoted his piece, titled ‘The Rules of the Gun Debate,’ with a series of remarks that enraged gun-rights activists.

“The 4 rules of the American gun debate … that cripple the debate before it begins,” the magazine’s senior editor wrote. “The biggest obstacle to gun safety: the myth of the ‘responsible gun owner.’”

Those four rules that Mr. Frum claims impede appropriate gun laws from being crafted include:

  • “The measures to be debated must bear some relationship to the massacre that triggered the debate. If the killer acquired his weapons illegally, it’s out of bounds to point out how lethally easy it is to buy weapons legally.”
  • “The debate must focus on unusual weapons and accessories: bump stocks, for example, the villain of the moment. Even the NRA has proclaimed itself open to some regulation of these devices.”
  • “The debate must always honor the ‘responsible gun owners’ who buy weapons for reasonable self-defense.”
  • “Gun ownership is always to be discussed as a rational choice motivated by reasonable concerns for personal safety.”

Reader feedback flooded in from Second Amendment advocates.

“Self indulgent repeated straw man usage permeates this article. If tone not so condescending, much better chance I could find common ground,” responded Damian Karras.

“The biggest obstacle to responsible reporting: the myth of the “impartial journalist,” added one reader.

“Hey, how can we alienate millions of voters at once? Let’s brand them as irresponsible idiots who should have their private property taken,” added a third.

FBI officials investigating last Sunday’s massacre still have not determined a motive for Paddock’s attack. The 64-year-old took his life as authorities stormed his suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

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