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Isn’t it funny how all the great political experts who never met a Trump supporter and never thought President Trump could win the White House are suddenly the greatest experts on how upset Mr. Trump’s voters are with all the president’s wheeling and dealing with dirty Democrats?

These “experts” are the same people who insisted Mr. Trump was a racist and to this day believe his supporters are just a bunch of bigoted yahoos: “America Firsters,” “alt-righters,” “white nationalists.”

What, again, is wrong with being an “America Firster?” As in, you believe the unique founding of this great country makes it better than countries that are founded on racial homogeneity or historical accident or geographic convenience?

There was a time when it would be shocking to have anyone running for any political position who was not an America Firster.

John F. Kennedy felt compelled to downplay his Catholic faith for fear American voters would be concerned about a dual loyalty to the U.S. and the Vatican. But Kennedy would not recognize his party today; he would weep at its open mockery of hard work and the fundamental principles of freedom.

Today, the entire Democratic Party has flatly rejected any notion of American pride or recognizing the unique principles that make it a beacon of freedom to the world. President Obama and his haughty disdain for the Founders, the Constitution and true freedom was the final, humiliating evisceration of American pride among Democrats.

And remind again me what the “alt-right” is. Alternative right? As in “the left”? Or some diversification of “the right”? Like alternative rock music? That’s cool with me.

The most deluded and disdainful of all the charges is “white nationalist.” What is a “white nationalist”?

That is a white person, I believe, who celebrates American exceptionalism. As in Kennedy. And even Bill Clinton at the time of his presidency.

In fact, the only president in history who would not qualify as a “white nationalist” would be Mr. Obama. And that’s not because he is America’s first black president.

Oh, and Jimmy Carter.

So what do all these slurs really mean?

Every one of them is a racially motivated dog-whistle political attack. You know, everything Democrats and their handmaidens in the media claim to abhor.

But in this case, the racist and underhanded dishonest political attack works for them. So it’s totally cool, man.

All these terms are ways of accusing Mr. Trump and all his supporters of being stupid white racists, despite there being not one shred of evidence to support such an absurd charge.

This is what makes all these “experts” in the media and on the left such authorities on the Trump voter and what they think of the president today.

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