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As Lincoln famously said, the greatest threat America will face will come from within.

I had the distinct privilege of attending a very special event Monday morning on the set of “Fox & Friends” in Manhattan. The launch of the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG) and its Student’s Constitution was met with much fanfare, jubilation, and a big sigh of relief from millions of Americans who are tired of the country being blamed for everything in our educational system.

Nick Adams, who has only been a citizen of the United States for a year, after spending years and a lot of money to immigrate the legal way, has single-handedly sparked an educational revolution in this great country. Sometimes, it takes an immigrant to see what Americans are blind to seeing — that the values and founding principles of this amazing nation are under attack, and even more importantly, need to be defended.

Having faced many challenges in his own life, including cancer, and being attacked by the leftist establishment in Australia, Mr. Adams has jumped into his newfound life’s work with a vengeance. His passion and excitement about his new country are contagious.

Mr. Adams is most definitely doing something about it.

Already having conducted over 65 nationally televised interviews on his project, Mr. Adams has already moved the needle. FLAG is about making sure our young people understand those principles, value them, and continue to cherish them. The vision statement of the foundation states: “FLAG will first develop the nation’s most comprehensive and widespread civic educational program to be executed inside America’s K-12 classrooms. … FLAG also seeks to create an organic, far-reaching digital presence that counters anti-American rhetoric with positive, factual messaging.”

The group also plans to conduct thousands of on-site visits to U.S. classrooms and schools to evangelize the American Dream. The new Student’s Constitution is the first of its kind and teaches our founding principles to young people in language they can understand.

“You should see the eyes of these young Americans grow wider when I tell them they have won the lottery of life to be born in this great country…,” said Mr. Adams, speaking to a group of supporters flown in from all over the country the night before the launch.

In a letter from the founder in the foundation’s materials, Mr. Adams writes, “I started FLAG because I couldn’t sit back any longer and watch my country fall apart. In 2016, I went from lifelong admirer and frequent visitor, to immigrant and legal citizen of the United States. I came to this country because I’ve always been inspired by the American Dream and the idea that only here, the impossible becomes possible.”

In this academic year, FLAG plans to distribute 100,000 Student’s Constitution booklets in all 50 states. FLAG plans on reaching 15,000 students directly in the classroom through school visits. Growing its digital presence, a digital library of materials, a huge social media presence, recruiting an army of volunteers, and training young people to spread the word, are additional goals.

Mr. Adams thinks big.

However, he needs your help. Information can be found on FlagUSA.org.

Speaking with Mr. Adams after he had just given away his personal email address to millions of Americans on “Fox & Friends,” he showed me his phone as the emails began pouring in, reaching 1,600 in a period of seconds.

It seems millions of frustrated Americans agree with him.

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