- - Sunday, September 24, 2017

As a proud Republican military spouse who is also an animal lover and advocate, I was very disappointed to read the recent piece by Richard Berman (“Dogging the Trumps,” Web, Aug. 7). Republicans and conservatives are being maligned in much of the media, and everything we do is being put under a microscope with people looking for a “gotcha” moment. We need to distance ourselves from those who call themselves Republicans or conservatives and are handing over the such moments. Sadly, it appears Mr. Berman is one from whom we need distance.

He attacks an organization I happen to support for working with Lara Trump, calling them hypocrites because Mrs. Trump’s affiliated PAC spent $200,000 against President Trump’s campaign.

I can understand why an animal-protection PAC would spend money against Mr. Trump’s campaign, given that the Trump sons were infamous for trophy hunting and there was talk of them influencing their father’s policies. If one looks at the record of the Department of Interior this year, it is clear those concerns were warranted. In April, a rule that had protected young bears and wolves from terrible so-called hunting practices was reversed, and that is one example of many.

I do not understand why Mr. Berman would take issue with this, let alone call it out. A simple Google search on him and Mr. Trump quickly reveals that one of Mr. Berman’s own political groups, the Enterprise Freedom Action Committee, spent more than three-quarters of a million dollars on ads against Mr. Trump’s campaign. That is more than three times what the Humane Society affiliate spent against Mr. Trump.

Mr. Berman tries to undermine Lara Trump and the work she does by alluding to the idea that the only reason the organization he criticizes would work with her is because of her father-in-law and his presidency. Lara Trump is a force in her own right: strong, intelligent and has been well-known as an animal-welfare advocate previously.

As Republicans we should be thrilled that in this hostile political climate a well-known organization is openly working with a member of the first family on an important issue on which they have common ground: helping animals. I hope others will take note of this bipartisan approach so we can get some things done, not just for animals, but also for people.


Norfolk, Va.

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