- - Sunday, September 24, 2017

Antifa and Black Lives Matter claim they are fighting against white supremacy and fascism. But, they are fighting on the streets and on the college campuses against anyone who disagrees with their ideology of socialism and far-left beliefs. Anyone who says that he is for President Trump or free enterprise or is a Republican will be shouted down, barred form speaking on college campuses and physically attacked on the streets.

In St. Louis and in other areas, these people confront the police, throw rocks at anyone who disagrees with them and destroys property and injure people. To make matters worse, many in the media are making excuses for their behavior and are supporting their efforts to try and destroy Mr. Trump and anyone who supported him for the presidency.

The irony in all of this is the fact that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are using the tactics that the Nazis used in Nazi Germany. The German Nazis physically beat up the opposition, shouted them down, blocked them from speaking, and used propaganda to stifle anyone who disagreed with them. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have not yet resorted to burning books, like they did in Nazi Germany, but I suppose that the way things are going, that will be next.

America is under attack from these violent left-wing groups and is in danger from losing its freedoms and its rights under the Constitution. It is way past time for Mr. Trump to employ the National Guard to reserve the peace by taking harsher action against these communists. They may pose as freedom fighters, but in fact they are the modern-day equivalent of the fascists they pretend to abhor.



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