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The American Federation of Teachers, an organization that popular thought would have in existence to press for teachers’ rights in the classroom, has gone full blown political to tell Wells Fargo, in essence: Quit banking with the National Rifle Association.

And since Wells Fargo won’t, the AFT announced it’s going to stop doing business with Wells Fargo.

This is bully politics, pure and simple.

What does the Second Amendment have to do with AFT business?

The union, with all its 1.7 million member backing, will no longer recommend the bank as a preferred lender. For Wells Fargo, that’s a somewhat significant business ding. The AFT reportedly funnels about 20,000 mortgages Wells Fargo’s way each year.

AFT President Randi Weingarten said in a statement reported by NPR: “Gun violence is an epidemic, but Tim Sloan [CEO of Wells Fargo] won’t even engage in a conversation about mitigating it, much less take any real steps. We took him up on his offer to meet with us, then he went radio silent. So if Wells Fargo won’t value children and teachers above guns, we won’t do business with Wells Fargo.”

What a crock.

The left has been ducking and dodging truth about the Second Amendment for some time — heck, it’s the only way the anti-firearm crowd can sell their gun control. But AFT’s characterization of Wells Fargo as heartless about human life simply because it conducts financial transactions with a lawfully abiding, lawfully existing entity the union doesn’t like is above and beyond spin.

It’s blatant lie.

And a country run by a Constitution where law and order is supposed to prevail — not mob rule and bully-pit politicking — there’s no place for such deceptions. The AFT has no business in the Second Amendment. Wells Fargo is taking a stand of principle by not caving to these unreasonable demands to cut ties with the NRA. It’s the bank, not the union, that’s standing on the side of righteousness here.

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