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A wise individual learns from his or her mistakes, yet blunder after blunder in the selection of nominees seems to have taught President Trump nothing (“Allegations of ‘unprofessional behaviors’ could sink Trump VA nominee Ronny Jackson,” Web, April 24).

The latest debacle is the nomination of Mr. Trump’s personal physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, to head the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs. This individual was selected no doubt because he is a cheerleader for the president, assuring us after a recent physical examination that despite being significantly overweight, consuming a junk-food diet and eschewing exercise, the president is the picture of health. (I guess we can forget about hearing Mr. Trump ever tout or reference the President’s Council on Physical Fitness.)

Before the Jackson nomination got off the ground for serious consideration, we find that “the good doctor” has been accused of presiding over a hostile work environment, being a womanizer, overprescribing medications and drinking on the job.

Naturally, in the mind of a president who takes responsibility for nothing and does not acknowledge obvious errors, the crippling of the nomination is neither his responsibility nor that of Dr. Jackson. Rather it is the product of a hyper-partisan Washington and those mean Democrats who will do anything to sabotage our fine leader. Never mind the fact that many Republicans are leery of Dr. Jackson and have expressed serious reservations about him leading the VA.

There are few facets in which the Trump administration excels, but I grade it an A+ for nominees to high-level jobs who have had to leave in disgrace after being installed or who have had to bow out with their head between their legs before receiving a vote in Congress.


South Strabane Township, Pa.

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