- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Even Rahm Emanuel, the guy who once famously said no crisis should ever go to waste, now admits the whole “Impeach Trump” rhetoric is a foolhardy tack to take on the Democratic campaign trail.

Careful, Democrats. Is that common sense sneaking up on you?

“Is impeachment a good issue for Democrats?” asked Mike Allen of Axios, to the former White House chief of staff under Barack Obama, Mediaite reported.

And Emanuel’s somewhat dodgy response? A big no.

“I lived through the Clinton White House,” he said. “This is a serious legal and constitutional, not political issue. And my view is, there’s nothing there to date that we know.”

Emanuel also added he “couldn’t be angrier at Donald Trump.” But that doesn’t necessarily translate into impeach, impeach, impeach, he said.

“That said,” Emanuel went on, “you don’t just flippantly say we’re for or against [impeachment]. When we get to it, we collectively, as a country, will know it — as we did with Richard Nixon.”

So note to Democrats: Don’t follow Rep. Maxine Waters’ advice to impeach at all costs.

“This is a case where the best politics,” Emanuel said, speaking of how Dems should plot their campaign paths, “is good policy.”

Right. Quit the crazy talk.

Then again — maybe Dems ought to keep on keeping on with the impeachment rhetoric. With nothing impeachable in Trump’s past, and nothing impeachable in his present, and very, very likely nothing impeachable in his future, the fact the left wants to insist on impeachment only shows their foolishness and gives voters a true glimpse into their hearts.

And there’s really nothing like an informed citizenry to cast responsible votes.

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