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Kanye West, already in hot water with the left for daring to step outside the box of Proper Speech it so strictly imposes, has now started a new hot thread by sending this into Twitter Land: “Obama was in office for eight years and nothing in Chicago changed.”


As expected, right on cue, the leftist screamers have hit back hard.

“So now you’re on Twitter bad mouthing president Obama? You’re a bi—a—,” wrote one angry now-former West fan. “I’ll never by another Kanye west cd. Chicago is your home too. What have you done? You’re rich. Did you go back and do anything? Did you get involved in your community?”

That’s the warmup.

Another simply wrote: “BOYCOTT.”

And another: “STRICTER GUN LAWS NEEDED. It needs to start somewhere! Obama couldn’t get it done because of the Repub majority in Congress.”

Of course, there was that time period there, the one between 2009 and 2011, when Obama had a Democratic controlled Congress — when the House was 257 Democratic, 178 Republican, and the Senate, for a time, 57 Democratic, two independent (well, self-described socialist and and Democratic), and Republicans, 41.

But that’s just silly ol’ fact. Moving on …

“Wtf did u do for chicago? lmao,” another angry West fan wrote.

Anyhow, the point is this: West has expressed an opinion the left not only hates, but fears. Why?

West is a black guy, and that, to the left, means he’s supposed to vote Democratic, support Black Lives Matter, detest President Donald Trump — and love Barack Obama.

That he’s countered all those expectations in recent days not only makes him a pariah to the left. It makes him an enemy to fight.

Just think: If more constituents who normally vote Democrat actually started thinking and questioning — actually started thinking for themselves, rather than senselessly repeating the same old tired and factually challenged talking points of the left — where would that lead the party come election time?

No doubt, in the dust.

And that’s why the left now fights West. His free thinking is a threat to the Democratic Party’s power.

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