- - Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The new idea of letting children to go out and about by themselves, stay home without supervision and travel alone on public transportation — all in the name of raising “free-range kids” — is basically abandonment and endangerment. It will turn out to be a far worse and more deadly practice than letting the public and businesses fly drones in our airspace, and self-driving cars.

The terrible number of tragic accidents this asinine movement portends aside, this is ringing the dinner bell for child and sexual predators, serial killers, the Islamic State and gang recruiters everywhere. It is a creative method by people who are tired of having living children to raise.

This morning a lady appeared on FOX News smugly assuring all that raising kids “cage-free” is a great idea as long as you “have a conversation” with the children first. Any “conversation” on this matter would better be directed at the evil human vermin and simple fatal dangers that await these defenseless youngsters at every corner.

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This could be a blessing in disguise for wannabe stage parents who dreamed of having their children become media stars. I’m guessing in about six months they’ll be able to view their kids in the first DVD edition of “Cage-Free Kids Gone Wild.”


Dewey, Ariz.

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