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In 2012, Colorado and Washington State approved groundbreaking policy measures to legalize recreational cannabis. Public opinion in support of cannabis use continues to push ballot measures to approve both recreational marijuana use for adults over 21 and also medical marijuana for medicinal purposes. Despite marijuana’s illegal status under federal law, medical marijuana is now becoming a valuable alternative treatment compared to conventional synthetic medicine for patients living in 30 states, including the District of Columbia.

Scientific research backs up the therapeutic effects of ingesting medical marijuana for a wide array of conditions and illnesses, such as relieving chronic pain, depression, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, reducing muscle spasms, and stimulating appetite. There is also a ton of support from patients in the area who use medical marijuana as an alternative treatment to opioids for alleviating pain. Additionally, doctors are now beginning to comprehend the ability to shrink cancerous tumors with the use of cannabis.

In recent years, the high approval rating of recreational and medical marijuana changed the landscape of policy reform affecting the DC Metro Area. Under the supervision of licensed doctors, medical marijuana is available for Washington, DC and Maryland patients, with Virginia also following suit hopefully by next year. Although marijuana is now allowed for users to grow in Washington DC under Initiative 71 approved by voters in 2014, it is also easy to get your medical marijuana card to purchase the medicine in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and soon Virginia with the help of Veriheal. The following are the steps required to obtain your medical marijuana card in the DMV:

Washington DC

Step 1: Consult with a licensed DC physician and get approved for medical marijuana in Washington, D.C.

A medical marijuana recommendation is essential for patients to legally purchase medical marijuana at a dispensary in the District of Columbia. These recommendations are only given to patients who reside in the District of Columbia and are given after their consultation with a licensed cannabis doctor. Legally obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation in DC from a doctor is the safest and most affordable option for patients dealing with chronic illnesses and debilitating conditions.

Patients can consult with a participating doctor through Veriheal by setting up an appointment to see one of the doctors. The District of Columbia Department of Health determined that “any condition for which treatment with medical marijuana would be beneficial as determined by the patient’s physician” will qualify them for medical cannabis use.

Step 2: Take your recommendation number to a dispensary for your Department of Health Application

Once you have completed your evaluation with the doctor, you will need to send an application to the Department of Health. This application can be done with the assistance from any of the five dispensaries in the District. Herbal Alternatives, located in Dupont Circle, would be more than happy to help you with this application.

After the application is submitted, the Department of Health will send off your medical marijuana card within 2-3 weeks. As soon as you receive your medical marijuana card, you may begin purchasing from any dispensary in the District.

Patients must renew their cards annually and be seen by a Veriheal doctor so that they can continue purchasing from dispensaries. One of the problems that the District’s medical marijuana program is facing is that patients are not renewing due to lack of communication between doctors and do not have the correct instructions on how to renew. Veriheal makes the renewal process much easier and offers a discount for renewal patients.


Step 1: Register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) and book a consultation with a Veriheal Doctor

Anyone who is a legal resident of Maryland can register to become a patient to obtain their medical marijuana card on Maryland’s MMCC website and register as a new patient.

Patients can book an appointment to see a through Veriheal. It is also recommended that patients sign up with the MMCC before they see one of Veriheals licensed physicians in Maryland. The MMCC will give patient something called a “Patient ID” which will be needed by the physician either before or after their consultation.

Step 2: Have your consultation with the cannabis doctor who will submit your Patient ID to the state

Any patient with one of the qualifying health conditions can see a Veriheal doctor to discuss medical marijuana as an alternative treatment option. The MMCC states the following qualifying conditions for patients to be eligible for the medical marijuana program: Cachexia, anorexia, wasting syndrome, severe pain, severe nausea, seizures, severe or persistent muscle spasms, glaucoma, ptsd and chronic pain. A plethora of medical marijuana dispensaries are now available in Maryland. A medical marijuana certification from a licensed doctor is essential for Maryland patients to legally obtain medical marijuana in a dispensary.

Step 3: Check MMCC’s website and print out your Approval Document

After your consultation is complete and you have received your Patient ID, the doctor will upload your number into the MMCC system. By doing this, the physician lets the state know that you were approved for medical marijuana based off of your condition(s).

Following your accounts approval with the MMCC, simply print the pdf of your certification and you can now walk into one of the many dispensaries in Maryland to begin purchasing. Alternatively, you can have an physical card sent to your address, but that is $50 extra and is entirely optional. The physical ID card is not required and the pdf will suffice.

There are many different products to consume medical marijuana aside from the conventional way of smoking the flower, including edibles, concentrates, pre filled vape cartridges, and topicals to alleviate your aliments.


According to the Marijuana Policy Project, on May 8, 2018, Gov. Ralph Northam signed a bill allowing patients in Virginia to obtain THC-A oil or CBD oil for specific conditions. This is a step in the right direction for patients in Virginia and is imperative that the patient needs to comply with the qualifying conditions to legally obtain a medical marijuana card.

Veriheal is constantly answering questions and keeping Virginia residents up-to-date on the program. Make sure to subscribe to their marijuana blog for updates on Virginia.

If you are a patient seeking to apply for a medical marijuana card and doctor’s recommendation in the DMV, Veriheal is your one stop shop to using medical marijuana legally. Visit www.veriheal.com for more information and chat with a representative today.

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