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Given the Democratic Party’s jubilant enthusiasm for abortion, widespread abhorrence of law enforcement officers, and general hatred of all human freedom, voters could be forgiven these days for thinking that maybe Democrats just don’t really like human beings all that much.

Which is a real problem if you are a card-carrying member of that party running for office and trying to get these very same human people to show up and vote for you.

Well, President Trump is such a dangerous monster working for shadowy Russian oligarchs that — obviously — the upcoming midterm elections have to be a Giant Blue Wave, all the great experts tell us.

Mr. Trump needles back: Red Wave!

It would not be the first time Mr. Trump was right and all the experts were wrong. Certainly, Mr. Trump has a far keener grasp than any of the experts about how badly out of tune both major parties are — particularly the Democrats.

But back to this whole hatred of human beings.

The Democrats don’t want us drinking through plastic straws, driving cars or flushing our toilets. All these fierce wildfires out West — they are all our fault, and if we would all just stop living, then the inferno would cease and the seas would stop rising and America’s iconic Interstate Highway System could return to its natural state of swampy jungle.


Nowhere are these anti-human sentiments among Democrat politicians more pronounced than in the race for 1st Congressional District of Pennsylvania this year. Which is kind of funny, given that Pennsylvania is a pretty emphatically pro-human state.

The Democrats being the party of the poor, Democrats have selected a man named Scott Wallace as their nominee to pick off the Republican incumbent in what all the experts say should be a competitive race.

Mr. Wallace is worth between $100 million and $300 million. Family fortune. Must be nice.

Anyway, before running for Congress, Mr. Wallace ran his family’s nonprofit charity called the Wallace Global Fund.

And by “charity,” I mean an organization dedicated to the annihilation of humans.

Over the decades, according to The Week newsmagazine, Mr. Wallace’s “charity” spent more than $7 million promoting “state-sponsored population control, including China-style limits on the number of children families are allowed to have.”

Sometimes, you know, Love Trumps Children.

One of the fine institutions benefiting from Mr. Wallace’s “charitable” largesse advocates the following in a public brochure:

“1. That no responsible family should have more than two children.” (“Brady Bunch” reruns will be banned by the state.)

“2. All methods of birth control, including legalized abortion, should be freely available — and at no cost in poverty cases.” (Like I said, these people really, really love the poor.)

“3. Irresponsible people who have more than two children should be taxed to the hilt for the privilege of irresponsible breeding.” (Not clear how closely related — if at all — Scott Wallace is to the legendary anti-humanist George Wallace.)

Somehow, Scott Wallace manages to be the worst of both worlds. He is actually anti-choice AND pro-abortion. And entirely anti-human.

How does a guy like this get through grade school civics class, let alone get nominated by a major party to run for Congress?

So, who knows? With creatures like this on the ballot, we really might be looking at another Red Wave this fall.

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