- - Thursday, August 2, 2018


People who refuse to honor the American flag and/or anthem are showing great disrespect for our nation and its people. Some claim to be doing it because they dislike our president or his politics. The president is just one of more than 330 million Americans. He was elected by the people to manage our country’s affairs. It is not he that these people are disrespecting.

Others claim to be doing it because of some fault in American society or culture. Certainly there are faults to be corrected but there are many more things which make America the finest, freest nation on earth. We have corrected a great many shortcomings in our more 200-plus-year history and most of us are working to correct the shortcomings that remain. Those who disrespect our flag or anthem should join us instead of putting their ignorance on display.

God bless America and all of its people.



St. Augustine, Fla.

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