- Thursday, August 23, 2018

After the death of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon in September 2012, his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, has been actively leading the movement they founded to achieve substantial gains through “Vision 2020.” This comprehensive and global initiative seeks to fulfill Rev. Moon’s hopes and dreams for humanity by the year 2020, which marks the Centennial of his birth.

Mrs. Moon has urged the worldwide community of the Family Federation of World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), along with numerous affiliated faith-based non-profit organizations, to take up the challenge to embody that dream, build upon it and turn it into a living reality that speaks to the aspirations of many. Within that dream are the keys to resolving the threat of extremist terrorism, nuclear conflict, protecting marriage and family as inviolable institutions and remediating threats to land, air and sea. This is the essence of Vision 2020, she said, adding that making one’s dreams real takes faith, hope, confidence — and a good plan.

A key element of Vision 2020 is to cultivate rapport with a multi-sector network of thought leaders in 43 nations, setting forth a stronger and innovative foundation to a rapidly expanding global peace movement. In an age of mass revolt against the Deep State, Political Correctness, nation-state leaders for life, and unelected global bureaucrats, the people of every continent hunger for freedom, faith and family — unchanging pillars of civilization. By educating in those focused areas, the Universal Peace Federation, one of the lead affiliate organizations founded by the Rev. and Mrs. Moon, has invited each country’s opinion leaders to consider how they can contribute to a peaceful world.

In the United States, every local FFWPU community has been partnered with two other nations in a relationship of friendship and support, including holding the “Marriage Blessing” ceremonies Rev. Moon and Mrs. Moon pioneered. The goal of these Vision 2020 partnerships is to create a principled, mutually-profitable relationship in which everyone benefits and grows. Their ultimate vision is to restore nations based on God-centered families.

The secret to achieving such a large vision is to digest the plan as a community, not as individuals or families, Mrs. Moon has recently said. Rev. Moon oversaw many hundreds of diverse projects in his lifetime, and it was impossible for one person to carry out the many directions that he gave, she said. However, each person can pick some aspect of his vision and, together with others, invest in it.

Thus, individuals can answer God’s call today by making their home a base camp for God and reaching out to friends and neighbors on behalf of peace, beyond the boundaries of ethnicity, nationality or creed. Engaging in meaningful relationships through shared passions with our neighbors and friends from around the world will make for a stronger global family, Mrs. Moon likes to describe as “one family under God.”

With the attitude that “we are in this together,” communities across the United States are partnering with both developing and developed nations around the world in mutually beneficial relationships that will impact the future. A shared concern, faith-based orientation and passion to build a better world will drive the commitment to learn from and work with each other to find the solutions all are looking for.

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