- - Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Just how naive and easily manipulated by the pathos of political correctness and the liberal media is the American electorate that we may actually be on the cusp of repopulating Congress with the same political party that brought us the Obama agenda?

A bit of historical perspective is in order since mainstream journalism appears to suffer from liberal-amnesia syndrome. The Democratic Party engineered the weakest economic recovery in the history of the nation, increased taxes, vastly expanded the federal bureaucracy, cynically bamboozled us with health-care “reform,” doubled the national debt, depleted the military, demonized the police, expanded food-stamp rolls, exacerbated racial tensions, enforced job-killing trade agreements, polarized us with class warfare, ignored massive Chinese hacking and intellectual-property theft, enabled Cuban tyranny, capitulated to Iran’s terrorism, threw Israel under the bus, ignored Russian election meddling, hid from the Kim Jong-un’s nuclear program, shrugged off campus speech censorship, weakened border security, and is now advocating street-thug intimidation of political rivals.

If the American electorate really wants more of this, by all means, we should elect sufficient numbers of congressional Democrats to impeach President Trump and reverse or neutralize MAGA, disassemble the economic boom, and impede free speech, religious liberty and gun-ownership rights. Oh, and while we’re at it, we should be prepared to forget the American dream, which will become moot while we patiently await delivery of universal income vouchers.

Come to think of it, perhaps Americans need to be ruled by socialist ignoramuses such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for a few decades to truly appreciate the freedoms and prosperity we once shared.


Abingdon, Md.

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