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Here in the North Woods we are saddened and distraught by the news of another tragic school shooting. We have listened to all the knee-jerk gun-control/confiscation rhetoric. But none of it answers the question of why these shootings are happening now.

When I was in high school, I was a member if the rifle team. Several days a week there were boys walking around the school with rifles on their shoulders or in their lockers. This scene was replicated in schools all over the country. Yet there was not massive gun-related violence then as there is today.

What has caused the sea change since the time of my youth? It clearly is not the guns. I suggest it is the failure of our society to promulgate morality and ethics in the public square as well as at home. We kill a million babies a year. Yet there is silence on this issue. We are not allowed to teach or even mention religion in our schools; more silence. We allow entertainment in our movies and games for the young to include glorification of death, mayhem and immorality.

This “free speech” is nothing more than fertilizer feeding the confused and amoral minds of our children. There are fewer and fewer intact families and fathers at home to give stability, guidance and assurance. These “young skulls full of mush” are rendered susceptible to the glamour of evil.

I also note that, as some pundits have observed, none of the purported shooters in these mass killings has a been member of the National Rifle Association.


Plymouth, Mass.

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