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President Donald Trump’s “watch how the sausage gets made” meeting with congressional leaders on pending immigration issues was not pleasant television programming for one of his most ardent and vocal supporters. Columnist and author Ann Coulter called it “the worst day of his presidency” while appearing on my daily radio show on WMAL in Washington DC: 

O’Connor: Ann, what do you make of your President. He trusts the people in that room. He will sign whatever they come up with.

Coulter: I think it was the worst day in his presidency so far and particularly with this Michael Wolff book out, I mean, it confirms all of the worst things White House staff told Michael Wolff about Trump. That it’s all about him, he cares about his press, he’s trying to distract from the book, and weirdly ends up confirming it, he seems to have no grasps of the details, he agrees with whatever the last person who speaks has said… I mean when he agreed with DiFi on a standalone Dreamer bill, and you know, the hardcore tough on immigration guy in the room has to be Kevin McCarthy, who use to be ‘open borders’ Kevin McCarthy, to point out to the President that no what DiFi just said was that she wants just a Dreamer bill and nothing else and no border security… He shouldn’t talk about immigration unless Stephen Miller is there to follow up on everything he says. But I mean if this goes through, sorry for you and your kids, you have a job talking about politics it will be irrelevant and the nation your children will live in is one I am glad I will not be around to see.


Indeed, the author of In Trump We Trust and Adios America said Trump had betrayed her and all those “deplorables” who suffered the slanderous accusations of “racism” and “xenophobia” while supporting his immigration policies in the 2016 presidential campaign: 

O’Connor: Ann, you were the earliest, most passionate and frankly most effective, advocate for then candidate Trump, do you feel betrayed by this today? Do you think that the President has betrayed the people who supported him and has he betrayed his own promises?

Coulter: Ah, yes. Yeah..I mean it’s a slow train coming. I’ve been warning against this since he was first putting together his transition team which would consisted of his son-in-law, his daughter, half of Goldman Sachs… Do you know Donald Trump has more employees from Goldman Sachs than any other President?

O’Connor: I had not heard that.

Coulter: It’s unbelievable. Nobody voted for this. I mean the big response to Steve Bannon this week has been, ‘Nobody voted for Steve Bannon…” I agree with that, I completely agree with that, they voted for Donald Trump. But I’m pretty sure they didn’t vote for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump either and as Michael Wolff described in his book, Bannon wasn’t one with more on a lot of stuff, I didn’t like his Tea Party stuff but as Michael Wolff described in the book, the end of Bannon meant this was a family affair. That was not what anybody was voting for.

While many still believe that the president was merely displaying his “Art of the Deal” brilliance and we his comments about a “DACA deal” should not be taken literally (or is it seriously?) Coulter appears to be convinced that the swamp has claimed yet another victim. 


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