- - Monday, July 16, 2018

Recently a teacher friend shared the news that teachers may no longer say “boys” and “girls” but rather must address the kids at school as “humans” in the classrooms. I was shocked to hear this because not only are the schools in California going overboard with everything, but they’re outright confusing everyone in the process.

I believe this is another political maneuver straight from the politicians in Washington so that they can garner more votes. It’s bad enough that they’ve taken away “Merry Christmas” during Christmas time at schools and replaced it with “Happy Holidays,” which I assume was done for the sake of “inclusion” or “tolerance.”

But now I’m afraid for the new generation and for those still to come. They will have to face many more challenging changes because of how misaligned our society is becoming and how our leaders are trying to reshape our educational system. Will I need to worry about the Pledge of Allegiance that we all value — will it also one day be taken away for the sake of garnering more votes?

Please don’t get me wrong — I believe in the many freedoms that our Constitution provides. I also support equality for all mankind as much as any other person on this planet, and I truly respect people’s differences. But are we going a bit too far by seeking to remove all traces of how we were physically made (as man, woman, boy or girl)? Are these differentiators all to be replaced by so general a word as “human?” Are we really this gender confused? This doesn’t sound to me like democracy. It sounds more like the beginning of Communism. And to what end? How do I explain to my son that he can no longer be called a “boy?”


San Carlos, Calif.

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