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Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro has a new book, and the title explains all: “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy,” released last week by Center Street. It currently is the No. 1 overall top-seller at Amazon, as well as topping the political categories.

In the middle of her national our and a noteworthy public spat with “the View” host Whoopi Goldberg, Judge Pirro offered insight into her new book. The take away message: Mr. Trump will persevere, and he will fight “the good fight,” she said in an exclusive interview with The Washington Times.

Judge Pirro also delved into the forces which have been against the president even before he took office.

“There is a deep state in this country that is far deeper than anyone ever thought. It took Donald Trump to bring out the fact that some in the government are involved in creating their own rules and mechanisms to maintain power and control, and preserve an ideology that Americans may not be buy into. He instinctively knew a deep state was there,” Ms. Pirro said, noting that this shadow government was “already in motion” before Mr. Trump even took office.

“Trump was elected because Americans knew something was going on. The deep state is deep rooted. And yes, it will be hard to unroot it. This is a deep state that has its own rules, and is arrogant, determined to protect itself,” she continued.

Americans agree there’s a “deep state” according to a Monmouth University poll released in May which found that 74 percent of Americans said the deep state exists, a sentiment that was almost identical through multiple demographics, including political and ideological persuasions, among men and women and even among age and income groups.

“The truth is that Trump is a master communicator, a man who understood the playing field, and took some risks. He took on the news media. Any politician would have said, ‘What, are you out of your mind?’ Yet now, he has created his own mechanism to communicate with the public. That took fortitude and genius. And my money says he comes out on top here. Trump is a force of nature. He will persevere, and he will fight the good fight.”

Judge Pirro has known Mr. Trump for 25 years, and says her book reviews the president’s accomplishments.

“I cover what he has done for the American people, despite these efforts to stop him. I tell people to look at their pay checks, look at their tax returns. Trump is really the tip of the spear of the populist movement,” Ms. Pirro said.

She offers no hints to Mr. Trump, though.

“He listens to a lot of people. He doesn’t need my advice,” she observes, though she does have a word or two for Hillary Clinton, who in 1998 fretted over the existence of a “vast, right wing conspiracy” that was intent on dismantling the work of then-President Clinton and his administration.”

“Hillary’s vast right wing conspiracy was all in her mind. She ought to take a close look at the difference between her delusional conspiracy and what the Left is doing with Trump today. They are working to prevent the nation from carrying out the wishes of the Founding Fathers,” Ms. Pirro said, recalling recent revelations in the Mueller investigation.

“This is a real conspiracy. We have concrete facts that indicate a conspiracy, I have been a judge for 30 years, I’ve run for office. I get this stuff. I know a conspiracy when I see one,” she said.

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