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TIGHTSQUEEZE, Virginia — It has become a routine and reliable game every political season for a quarter century now.

Will this Clinton or that Clinton run yet again for the White House? What machinations are the most machination-making couple up to now?

Some years, this has been a form of sick torture for conservatives. Or anybody, really, who cares about America and does not like lying, scheming cutthroats at the top of our political food chain.

Those are the years when the Clintons are inevitable. Nothing can stop them. They are meant to win.

Trailer Park Camelot. Though I mean no disrespect to trailer parks.

1992. 1996. 2008. Oops.

Well, Hillary Clinton was inevitable in 2008, remember? Until she wasn’t. She could not even win her own party’s primary that year.

Then there was 2016. That year she was once again inevitable in the primary. Still, she had to steal the nomination from a 76-year-old socialist from Vermont.

And, lucky for her, she wound up drawing the ONLY Republican from a field of two dozen who could not lay a glove on her, supposedly. Remember that? She was going to beat Donald Trump in a landslide? Blowout, they told us. Early night.

Again, she was the inevitable next president. Until voters had their say.


Hillary: 0; Glass Ceiling: Undefeated.

Rubbing coarse salt into the jagged wounds, the year and a half since her epic defeat has been a nonstop trip down memory lane as viewed through the #MeToo movement. Bubba’s pants have not been unzipped this many times since he had that State Trooper detail down in Arkansas.

It must be like Groundhog Day for her, every day waking up and hearing the tales over and over about the women Bill Clinton allegedly raped and the intern he molested in the Oval Office when he was president.

Back then, Hillary Clinton was not part of the #MeToo movement. She was busy heading up the #ShutUpYouLyingSlutOrWeWillDestroyYou movement. Less popular movement, to be sure, but far more powerful.

So, here the season is upon us again. There was a brief and disappointing tango with “Will Chelsea Run?” Yikes. Now we are back to “Will Hillary Run Again?”

On it’s face, it is absurd, of course.

She is a horrible candidate. People do not like her. They do not trust her. She ran the most terrible campaign in the history of human gatherings.

Even a shocking number of Democrats — not to mention women — preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. In the end, America trusted a television reality star candidate over another Clinton.

Absurd? Yes. But you should also be very, very afraid.

Remember last time. Hillary was inevitable. No chance Donald Trump would ever be president. Ask anybody back then. Ask the sitting president.

Still, the Clintons, the Obama mafia, the Deep State, the Wicked Media — every last player in the crooked cartel that runs Washington — pulled out all the stops to destroy Donald Trump.

At the height of the campaign, the Obama administration launched a spying operation against the Trump campaign. They moved against Trump’s political allies and gathered dirt on his advisers.

They launched smear campaigns against some of Mr. Trump’s top supporters.

Inside the highest levels of the Department of Justice, spooks secretly plotted to “stop” Trump. Anyway, they assured, he would never be president. But just in case, they cooked up an “insurance policy” against it.

After Donald Trump won, the persecution only intensified with bogus investigations and thug tactics to squeeze anybody who might rat on the president.

We learned that — literally — these people will stop at nothing to ensure they never lose their grip on power.

That was what they did against a campaign they thought could never win. Imagine what they will do against a campaign they know can win.

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