- - Sunday, June 10, 2018

It is truly a national disgrace when tastelessness and moral depravity can pass for humor and the overriding residual focus is only on the reaction and response by two television networks.

Both Roseanne Barr and Samantha Bee have severe cases of chronic verbal diarrhea. What they consider to be acceptable jokes/political satire consists of vulgar characterizations that have no place in civilized discourse or society. Their disgusting, debasing, demeaning diatribes against Valerie Jarrett and Ivanka Trump are inexcusable. Adding insult to injury, both women offered counterfeit apologies which they immediately rescinded once their respective camps came to their defense.

The networks’ concern was purely financial, which explains their different reactions. ABC thought that it would lose money in the form of corporate sponsorships, so it fired Ms. Barr and canceled her series. TBS decided to wait and see where the chips would fall. Even the sponsors equivocated by suspending, not terminating, their relationship with the network and the show. Now, in light of the reaction by Ms. Bee’s base, ABC thinks it may have acted too hastily and is exploring ways to resurrect Ms. Barr’s show.

A significant segment of society is responsible for these fiascoes, and should be ashamed. What is considered humorous is a reflection of the culture. By the acceptance of such garbage as humor, bottom-feeder “entertainers” are encouraged to plunge to ever-greater depths of depravity. We need to vote with our remote controls and decline to watch shows where filth is spewed and refuse to defend the social media celebrity purveyors of it.


Silver Spring

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