- - Thursday, June 14, 2018


The political left and its supporting media spend all their time bashing President Trump, who just shrugs it all off with a well-timed tweet, always spot-on and right between the eyes. While these professional do-nothings maintain their perpetual malfeasance, we have a president who is exceeding his goals. How is that possible?

It’s a simple formula that politicians can’t comprehend. Mr. Trump simply puts qualified people in charge of managing the country. If they don’t get the results he wants, they get replaced. It’s not complicated and it’s not politics. It’s business.

Mr. Trump ended the Obama bait-and-switch, the Bush “buddy system” and the Clinton pay-to-play. There are no favors to pay back in this White House. Trump’s motto is, “Do it right and do it now.”

This is why we need term limits. Every politician owes. When they take office, it’s payback time. The success of Mr. Trump’s first 500 days are a direct result of his America-first mentality. There’s no payback consideration happening for anyone except the American people. Mr. Trump pulled the blindfold off America and now it’s easy to see how we’ve been cheated in the past. We took a back seat to special interests. Remember that next time you vote.


Mount Airy, Md.

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