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Perhaps the truest truism in politics is this: If you are explaining, you are losing.

Sober-minded patriots who believe America has borders and want to end the rapes, human trafficking and slavery caused by illegal immigration across the U.S.-Mexico line have been doing an awful lot of explaining this week.

That is understandable, given the unpleasant pictures, footage and audio scraped together from the border — all designed to tug at the heartstrings of generous Americans.

Since the aforementioned patriots who believe in our nation’s borders are the most generous people in America, they felt the need to explain.

And they have been losing ever since.

It should also be noted that the media coverage of the border orphans is the most dishonest, unhinged, detestable conspiracy they have ever undertaken.

Finally, these dishonest goons have found their Russian gulags to pin on President Trump.

Just when it looked like Mr. Trump had utterly defeated the blithering simps, they called a surprise audible.

(Quick! Run for the border! Take pictures of illegal adults dragging innocent children across the border and getting arrested! Blame it all on Trump!)

This did not happen by accident. I will tell you why they did it.

About three weeks ago, the mavens of fake news found a photograph of a couple of children sleeping inside a chain-link fence cage on a concrete floor.

Having failed to bring down Mr. Trump with Russiagate or Stormygate or by using the most powerful tools of the federal government, dishonest left wing loons decided to hang those caged children on Mr. Trump.

They said it was a result of Mr. Trump’s heartless “new” policy of ripping children out of the arms of their parents at the border. (All of this is a lie. Any criminal arrested in any civilized country does not take their child to jail with them.)

For Mr. Trump’s haters, the picture was the best news of their hyperpolitical lives. Deliriously, they shared the picture far and wide.

Even Team Obama — feckless since they were run out of town on a rail after eight years of hopeless misery — swung into action.

“Look at these pictures,” rejoiced Mr. Obama’s failed fake news speechwriter Jon Favreau. “This is happening right now, and the only debate that matters is how we force our government to get these kids back to their families as fast as humanly possible.”

Blood. In. Water.

There was only one hugely embarrassing problem. It was all fake news, peddled by nefarious fraudsters like Mr. Favreau.

Turned out, the photo they were blaming on Mr. Trump actually was taken at the border during the previous administration, under the policies of one Barack Hussein Obama.

These sad, innocent little children in cages were, in fact, Obama Border Orphans.

Now, for anyone with a conscience, committing such dishonest treachery would be embarrassing. But, these people have no shame whatsoever. And their rapid reaction was simple: Double down on the lie.

And that is what they did. They all ran for the border.

In the weeks since, they have taken routine border enforcement along the southern border and twisted it into so many pretzels that the truth is no longer recognizable.

In one case, they even staged a photo of a child in a wire dog crate and blamed it on President Trump. The faked photo, of course, went “viral.”

So, for folks keeping score at home: That would be one crying child stuffed into a cage by the open borders wackos; none by generous American patriots.

The bottom line is that any time any criminal is detained, of course their children are not sent to prison with them! Can you imagine the pictures if children actually got sent to adult prison? Imagine what would happen them in general population.

Of course, Mr. Favreau and the rest of these heathens do not care about that. They don’t care about rape, slavery and human trafficking spawned by their heartless, evil open borders policies.

Another thing, since when did Democrats start caring about children who are ripped from their parents when they are incarcerated for the crimes they commit? This happens to hundreds of thousands of families across America every year and not one little peep from Democrats.

The answer is that, of course, Democrats don’t care about children being ripped from their criminal parents if they are American citizens.

But a non-American from a third-world country illegally crossing the border — then suddenly Democrat politicians will gladly take up your cause.

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