- The Washington Times - Wednesday, June 27, 2018

“Beware the coming civil war!” Coming?

Oh, it’s already upon us. And it has been raging for some time now.

The once-serious political party known as “Democrats” has been hijacked by lawless lunatics who have been sowing discontent and fomenting violence for years now.

Just ask all the families of police officers in America who have been executed over the past four or five years by militants inspired by the so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement.

This would be the same movement that Democratic leaders are terrified of standing up to. When their last standard bearer — Hillary Clinton — made the grave error of declaring that “all lives matter,” she later issued an apology and a correction.

After a lifetime in politics, you would think that the woman might understand that political rhetoric has consequences.

Yes, this civil war is upon us.

Or ask all the American families who have suffered murder, dismemberment and terror at the hands of MS-13 gang members who streamed across the broken border. A border that the Democratic Party — back when it was still a serious outfit — agreed should exist.

A little more than a decade ago, Democratic leaders such as Mrs. Clinton, her husband, and former President Barack Obama all supported, argued for and voted for a physical barrier along the border to keep illegal aliens — especially violent gang members — from sneaking into the country.

Now, according to leadership all up and down the Democratic Party, holding such a position is somehow “racist” or xenophobic and certainly hateful.

The entire party has abandoned any support for an enforced border, seeking instead to score cheap political points at the cost of American security.

As a result, there is an invasion at our southern border and the only “rights” Democrats care about any more are those of the illegal aliens sneaking across the border.

Yes, this civil war is upon us.

It is only getting worse.

The Democrats just kicked out their fourth-ranking House member in favor of an avowed socialist who wants to abolish the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Seriously?

This, along with the increasingly heated rhetoric comparing ICE and Border Patrol agents to Nazis (yes, these kids are totally illiterate and never learned one minute of history), suggests this civil war is going to only get worse.

Or just listen to the loudmouth leaders of the Democratic Party today, actually arguing that the president of the United States somehow does not have the authority — let alone constitutional responsibility by oath — to make sure America’s enemies do not infiltrate our country so that they can wage some barbaric jihad against American citizens.

Yes, this civil war is upon us.

Ask House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who is still recovering from an assassination attempt by a disaffected Bernie Sanders supporter who plotted to kill dozens of members of Congress for being Republican.

Yes, this civil war is upon us.

And when you look around at Democratic leaders applauding and encouraging the open harassment of political opponents out in public, you know things are only going to get worse.

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