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Here’s yet one more reason to crack down on borders and keep out those who aren’t supposed to be in-country at all: Children become orphans.

A man and a woman, believed to be illegals, were killed in a car crash while fleeing Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

The left is already painting this as the fault of ICE — as the fault of that dang President Donald Trump and his atrocious border control policies that simply discriminate against the poor and downtrodden.

But as with crimes committed by illegals against innocent U.S. citizens, this incident, horrible as it is, shares this simple fact: Had they not been here, this wouldn’t have happened.

Had Marcelina Garcia Profecto, 33, and Santo Hilario Garcia, 35, not been in America illegally, they would not have felt a need to flee ICE. And the would not have driven at a fast pace down a California road, fleeing ICE, ultimately losing control and flipping into a utility pole.

And what’s more — and this is the saddest part — they would not have died at the scene, leaving behind their six children, ages 8 through 18.

ICE has been busy in California of late, rooting out the illegals and detaining them for questioning or even deportation. Fox News reported 26 farm workers in Kern County alone have been detained by ICE in recent enforcement raids this month. The Garcias were part of one such sweep.

“Once the family realized it was ICE, they got scared, more than likely, and took off,” said United Farm Workers President Arturo Rodriguez, in the Los Angeles Times.

Yes — and now six kids are left without parents.

The ACLU is already out and about blaming ICE and its “inhumane tactics and the fear it provokes in hardworking people who stand to lose everything if they are deported,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

But this isn’t ICE’s fault — and it’s certainly not the White House’s fault.

The Garcias are dead because the Garcias were in America illegally, and when they were called to account, fled. That’s nobody’s fault but their own.

Cheryl Chumley can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter, @ckchumley.

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