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Illegal immigrants assaulted two more Border Patrol agents in separate incidents in California Thursday, according to court documents filed Friday that add to the rash of violence associated with the current surge of Central American migrants.

The first attack came about 9:30 at night, when a Honduran man threw an elbow into the chest of an agent who was trying to arrest him, then tussled for his handcuffs before pulling the agent down a hill, the Border Patrol said. Frazy Jiron, the Honduran migrant, then took off running and escaped — though he was caught a little more than an hour later, agents said.

At about the same time Mr. Jiron was recaptured, a Salvadoran migrant was getting into a scrap with another agent at just about the same location as the first fight, court documents show.

Franklin Ariel Rochac-Garcia was running toward an agent and, ignoring his commands to stop, threw a punch. The agent managed to duck the punch and they tussled, falling to the ground. Mr. Rochac then ran toward the border fence, but the agent grabbed him before he could escape, the Border Patrol said.

The last week has been filled with reports of violence by illegal immigrants against Border Patrol agents, spanning from Texas to Arizona to California.

The Texas assault happened Monday, when authorities say a U.S. citizen was caught transporting seven illegal immigrants in his pickup truck, and nearly ran over an agent in trying to escape.

Hector Ayon Jr., the driver, later told agents one of the migrants had told him to floor it to get away, and he just hit the gas.

Three of the migrants managed to get away, but four — including the one accused of telling Mr. Ayon to drive off — were caught.

Three other assaults happened Monday and Tuesday in California and Arizona.

One involved a migrant aiming a loaded pistol at an agent. It took three agents and use of a taser to wrestle the weapon away. They later found out the man, a Mexican, had been deported at least five times before and had a criminal record in the U.S. for violent drug crimes and firearms offenses.

In Arizona, meanwhile, one Guatemalan man used his belt as a weapon, trying to smash an agent with the buckle. After he was caught he spit in another agent’s face.

And hours later another Guatemalan man who’d been deported just six months ago was caught sneaking back in, and he began lashing out at the agent who nabbed him. He was eventually subdued.

The assaults all follow Sunday’s violence at the border in California, which saw a mob puncture the border fence and attempt to overwhelm the Border Patrol and push through into the U.S.

Agents repelled the incursion by firing tear gas — a move that’s drawn condemnation from some immigrant-rights advocates who said those involved in the assault should have been welcomed and allowed to apply for asylum.

The Border Patrol says the agents followed protocols in using the tear gas, and were obeying rules dating back to the Obama administration.

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