- - Monday, October 1, 2018

We’ve now experienced multiple days of reporters and pundits who don’t understand the level of stupidity or malice shown by Sens. Dick Durbin, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris and other Democrats when these legislators have asked the same question of Judge Brett Kavanaugh: If you’re not guilty, why aren’t you asking for an FBI investigation to clear your name?

Judge Kavanaugh’s response: Because I’m innocent. He knows he wasn’t at the location of the alleged assault on Christine Blasey Ford, whenever it happened (it’s still not been specified by the accuser). Judge Kavanaugh also knows there’s no down side for him in an investigation. He didn’t do it. But there’s also no upside. He knows that the FBI can’t possibly clear his name by confirming he didn’t commit assault under Mrs. Ford’s non-specific circumstances.

It’s unlikely that the questioning Democrats are all as stupid as Durbin et al. What we see in this repeated question is another carefully coordinated effort by the left to further malign Judge Kavanaugh and run out the clock to the midterm elections.


Potomac Falls, Va.

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