- - Wednesday, October 10, 2018


There are two kinds of heroes: The ones who run toward the storm, and the ones defined by the storm. Nether is diminished by the other. But those defined by the storm, those unassuming, nameless, faceless people who seem ill-prepared to face the rising tide, have a special place in the fabric of our nation. As Brett Kavanagh and his family prepared for the highlight of his career, little did he know he would soon be in a fight — not only to uphold the very foundation of our judicial system, the presumption of innocence, but also to slay the #MeToo dragon.

But those seemingly ill-prepared heroes are always equipped with character, perseverance and a sense of American values, the three things the #MeeToo war machine had yet to encounter in battle. Those giants of entertainment and industry, recently slain by mere accusations, may have been found lacking in at least one area of the trifecta. But a little-known circuit court judge, committed to family, service and the rule of law, proved to have the right stuff. The left’s perverted incarnation of the #MeToo movement would meet its kryptonite.

Unfortunately, through misuse by Sen. Dianne Feinstein and company, #MeToo has been stripped of its legitimacy and tossed aside along with Christine Blasey Ford. We all have a new justice, tried by the tides of our current times but redeemed by the values of our nation’s heritage. Justice has a new hero, and the presumption of guilt doesn’t stand a chance in this lifetime.


Rock Hill, S.C.

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