- The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh told Senate investigators he has been “stunned” by the allegations against him and denied five separate accusations of sexual misconduct, calling them “twilight zone things.”

In an interview with investigators Tuesday Judge Kavanaugh specifically denied being involved in “gang rape” or even in any sexual activity involving more than himself and a woman.

He also refuted media and internet speculation about some mysterious entries in his high school yearbooks, saying they were inside jokes about a friend’s penchant for fighting, and the use of the letter “f” repeatedly did not refer to sexual activity.

One by one he rejected accusations by Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, Michael Avenatti and two more made anonymously of sexual assaults or rapes.

“It’s not appropriate for people to be dredging up uncorroborated stories and trying to refresh other people’s recollections and then stoke the media and create a feeding frenzy and destroy my family and destroy my reputation and take me down. This is not right. It’s an outrage,” he told investigators.

He was speaking under threat of criminal penalties if he lied to investigators.

The interview, conducted Tuesday, followed one last week.

In this latest one Judge Kavanaugh also incorporated everything he said in a Fox News interview this week, which included his statement that he didn’t engage in sex until well after the high school and college years during which he’s been accused of complicity in gang rapes and other misconduct.

“I’ve never participated in a gang rape. I’ve never participated in sexual activity with more than one woman present and me,” he told the investigators.

That was refuting an allegation by anti-Trump lawyer Michael Avenatti, who has now come forward with a client who claims to have been both victim of and witness to gang rapes in which she said he was complicit.

Judge Kavanaugh also rejected a claim by a unnamed woman in Colorado who said her daughter observed Judge Kavanaugh, as a lawyer in the late 1990s, push a girl up against a wall “aggressively and sexually.”

And he rejected another anonymous complaint in which a man reported an acquaintance who claimed in 1985 to have been “sexually assaulted by two heavily inebriated men she referred to at the time as Brett and Mark” on a boat in Newport, Rhode Island.

The man said after learning of the event he and a friend went to the boat and beat up the two men he suspected of the assault.

After recently seeing Judge Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook photo on television he called a senator to report the incident earlier this week.

Judge Kavanaugh called it “totally made up.”

“I was not in Newport, haven’t been on a boat in Newport. Not with Mark Judge on a boat, nor all those three things combined. This is just completely made up, or at least not me,” he said.

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