- - Tuesday, September 4, 2018

No one should be living under the delusion that Brett Kavanaugh will not become a justice on the Supreme Court of the United States. Judge Kavanaugh will sit on the court before the midterm elections and will help decide all of the election cases that the progressive left will attempt to alter, modify, disrupt or pervert in some way.

The many and varied attempts of the progressive left to disrupt the Kavanaugh hearing should be proof enough of what they have planned for the midterm elections. Make no mistake, there will be an incredible amount of collusion and conspiracy during the elections, none of it from Russia. Each state will have leftist actors on the ground whose single job will be to ensure that election results are not accurate and that control of the House of Representatives, by any means, is returned to Democrats.

Such an outcome will guarantee the attempted impeachment of a president duly elected by the people and cannot be allowed to occur unless it is the will of the American people. The will of the conservative right and the liberal left are irrelevant within the context of America’s destiny. Any and all meddling by the progressive left in the upcoming elections will only serve to guarantee that the population of Americans willing to restore freedom and justice in all things, also by any means, will be large and highly motivated. This same population of loyal Americans will not tolerate any abuse of the electoral system by one party or the other, and it will not tolerate interference from the shadows or foreign lands.

After seeing the beginning of the Kavanaugh hearings, it seems only prudent and fair to announce the intentions of Americans who will defend the integrity of the greatest nation that has ever existed.


Gainesville, Fla.

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