- - Sunday, April 28, 2019

Cal Thomas’ op-ed, “In defense of Kate Smith” (Web, April 24), refers to a fad that ought to be called anachronistic fake history. It holds that if behavior that was acceptable a century ago is no longer accepted by today’s brighter lights, then the past must be corrected to say the behavior was wrong back then, too. This isn’t just dishonest. It’s asinine. It requires our dead ancestors to have foreseen that their ingrate progeny might decide to turn what was once all right into wrong.

This nonsense recalls the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition of ex post facto laws. They punish crimes committed before the law existed, such as a law passed this year applying to things that happened last year. Red alert. Anachronistic fake history may signal that progressives want ex post facto laws reinstated. What with the Mueller disappointment and Mau Mau-like tactics not working, they may think that’s what it will take to remove President Trump.


Alexandria, Va.

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