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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced new rules giving the 725,000 or so illegals living in his jurisdiction the right to apply for subsidized and low-cost housing.

There’s an open door, roll-out-the-mat welcome to illegals for ya. More safety and security for citizens in the city that never sleeps, yes?

The only high note here is this: Good thing de Blasio hasn’t a chance in high heaven of winning the presidency and bringing this horrendous taxpayer handout to a national scale.

The new rules are this: No longer will anyone applying for affordable housing — of which there is very little in New York City — be required to provide a legitimate Social Security number and accompanying proof-of-citizenship or proof-of-legitimate residency documents. Heck, they won’t even have to show a solid credit rating — or even have one, for that matter. All applicants will have to show is a record of steady on-time rental payments for their past and current housing.

Enter illegals.

Illegals will now be competing with citizens for this small stock of affordably priced units.

In what world is this fair?

In what world is this even safe or secure for the good taxpaying citizens of New York City?

Let’s remember: Rental managers actually serve as gate guards for the entire community when they check the backgrounds of would-be renters. Stripping them of even some of these powers doesn’t just crack the doors for the criminal element to take advantage. It thrusts them open wide. That’s not to say all illegals are automatically criminal dangers to society. But it is to say that illegals are already prone to break the law. They’re illegals. And without a mandate for subsidized rental applicants to provide valid Social Security numbers — how to properly check criminal backgrounds and weed out the desirables from undesirables? Illegal or otherwise?

Here’s the spot of sunshine, from The New York Times: “Inslee Out. Hickenlooper Out. De Blasio? Town Hall May Be Last Gasp.”

The story goes on to state: “[De Blasio is] entrenched toward the rear in fund-raising totals. He rejects the validity of the various polls showing him at zero percent. And he acknowledges that he will probably not qualify for the third Democratic presidential debate next month.”

That’s right.

De Blasio’s presidential run is on a fast track to nowhere.

With horrible and dangerous policies like low-cost housing for illegals, it’s easy to see why.

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