- - Sunday, December 1, 2019

While the desperate Clintons continue working hard to manipulate and lead their long line of anonymous, deep-state operatives into attemting to impeach Donald Trump, what’s become clear are deeper Clinton motivations to secretly destroy the Trump-Pence presidency.

First, no other former president or first lady has ever had this much interest in returning to the White House for a third and fourth term. Second, both Clintons desperately want “The Donald” impeached and removed from office before Mr. Trump becomes tenured in Washington forever via the Former Presidents Protection Act.

Conservative pundits have failed to report just how perfectly news networks and online portals that opposed or exposed the Clintons in 2016 have been ruined or “turned,” just as the Clintons espouse during each stop on their many sour-grapes book tours. Cases in point, historically fair Fox News and Drudge Report have both turned against Mr. Trump, spreading Hillary hellfire and hate just in time for both Clintons and Michael Bloomberg to ramp up their 2020 centrist campaigns and seemingly “split ticket” exactly as Steve Bannon predicted.

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Do not be fooled: Michael Bloomberg’s $55-billion fortune is the only long shot the Clintons have to get their fiendish hands back on the keys to the White House, without having to endure a long campaign trail of scandalous Clinton evidence and a painful Hillary candidacy. This is also why they are secretly jockeying for the vice presidency, so they can pardon themselves and rewrite their sordid history from the U.S. Naval Observatory’s vice presidential residence.

Make no mistake: If crooked Hillary is not elected at least vice president next year, the Clintons‘ political pasts are not editable and “Slick Willie” will likely remain the enduring face, brand and ultimate embodiment of presidential impeachment, as he should.


McLean, Va.

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