- - Thursday, December 12, 2019

“Hogwash” is the kitchen refuse given to hogs, and it has come to mean ‘ludicrously false statements.’ A lot of it is currently being dumped on Americans regarding the Ukraine inquiry. The lie is that politicians have obtained certainty by reading another person’s mind. This is an evil baby step toward the world’s worst evil.

Our main European enemy in World War II used secret police to control the civilian population. This group was obvious, but its workings were hidden and beyond the constraints of law. The regime constantly repeated lies, which the secret police backed up, to keep the people from acting responsibly. The congressional Ukraine inquiry has taken on those traits: eliminating due process, acting secretly, repeating lies and now claiming to read minds.

Good business practice calls for thinking about all sides of a matter before making a response. There were a multitude of reasons for the Ukraine inquiry. No fault found on the part of former Vice President Joe Biden would have meant a character redemption for him. Any findings of fault could allow for a ‘heads up’ for his defense. And findings that he had not been part of his son Hunter Biden’s Burisma deal could warrant safeguarding of the whole matter.

Rep. Adam Schiff and his followers see criminality in what they believe were the president’s thoughts. So now America has thought police. Congress has forced an artificial crisis onto the minds of Americans. Politicians of both sides hide their lack of real work behind impeachment fakery. The threat is to all people because politicians of all views will seize this approach if the people allow it be successful.

We must all do our part. Pass on to everyone you can the message that Congress must halt this hogwash now.


U.S. Air Force (retired)

Warner Robins, Ga.

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