- - Monday, February 25, 2019

“Seeing red: Trump opponents say the MAGA hat is much more ominous than a show of support” (Web, Feb. 24) makes the point that the red MAGA hat has become a powerful political symbol for the left. To them, the red hat represents intolerance, hatred, racism and bigotry.

I find this somewhat amusing because the vast majority of red-hat wearers are none of those hateful, antagonistic things. In contrast, the left exhibits those traits every day. A classic example of this is what happened to the red-hat-wearing Covington High School kids. The kids neither behaved nor said anything that was even remotely intolerant, hateful, racist, bigoted or antagonistic. The left, led by the mainstream media, Democratic politicians, the crazy Hollywood crowd and sadly, even some religious leaders, daily displayed and screamed all of those things. Even when the kids were exonerated, the left, with few exceptions, refused to apologize to the youngsters, which further illustrated their intolerance, hatred, bigotry and racism.

It seems to me the left should adopt a hat of its own. The left’s hat could be black or blue and the insignia could be changed to HIBAR in bold red letters, which would tell all that the wearer is proudly Hateful, Intolerant, Bigoted, Antagonistic and Racist.


Haymarket, Va.

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