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It is time to realize that virtually nothing former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe says can be taken seriously.

Andrew McCabe is attempting to rehabilitate his tattered reputation and cash in on his current book tour. For him, it would be a tremendous two-fer if he can continue his project of trying to discredit President Trump and Republicans in Congress who outed him for the liar he is while making bank on his book.

No one should believe Andrew McCabe, even if the left-leaning media fawn over Mr. McCabe when he is known for being short on candor with zero veracity for his fairy tales.

Mr. McCabe was caught lying to Congress and to investigators from his own agency, which ultimately led to his termination from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. His difficulty with the truth came to light when the inspector general of the Justice Department recommended that Mr. McCabe be charged for lying or misleading investigators multiple times.

Mr. McCabe lied to James Comey, to the Office of Professional Responsibility, and twice under oath to the inspector general. He was accused of leaking information to the media, but he claims he was authorized to release information on behalf of his agency. And Mr. McCabe doesn’t understand why James Comey doesn’t remember the conversation granting permission for the leak the same way Mr. McCabe does.

Mr. McCabe claimed that the four times he got caught prevaricating was simply a misunderstanding. Yet he contradicts even Mr. Comey’s version of the leaks to the media. Hard to tell which of them to believe.

The Justice Department is still investigating Mr. McCabe’s dissembling.

The evidence that Mr. McCabe is still trying to downplay his wrongdoing lies with his softening of the motives of the famous, amorous agents, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The love birds wrote many missives to each other expounding on their hatred for Mr. Trump and his supporters. They first focused on derailing his election, and then to delegitimizing, and perhaps even overthrowing, President Trump, after his electoral victory.

Mr. McCabe characterizes their conspiratorial communications as personal peccadilloes that amount to nothing. He minimizes their participation in the discussions of how to remove Donald Trump from office, which, again, indicates the deficiency of Mr. McCabe’s judgment.

Although it would be easy to believe that the one thing he is telling the truth about is the willingness of Rod Rosenstein to wear a wire to secretly record conversations with Mr. Trump in order to “prove” his unfitness to serve as president, Mr. McCabe’s gift of deceit seems too overwhelming. Except that there are other witnesses who actually corroborate, rather than contradict, Mr. McCabe’s statement on this fact.

With Mr. McCabe, the only time you can believe him is when his lips aren’t moving, or there is someone else who can provide credible, independent evidence to the event. There seems to be that evidence in the case of the coup conspiracy.

I doubt that the Department of Justice or the new attorney general, William Barr, will take up the matter, leaving me to reluctantly request a second independent counsel to investigate the potential attempt to organize an overthrow of the president by top officials in our nation’s leading police apparatus. The scope of the investigation would have to be narrowly tailored and limited in time. One runaway independent counsel is one too many, but these officials must be held accountable for their alleged corruption.

Andy Biggs is a Republican U.S. representative from Arizona.

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