- The Washington Times - Saturday, January 12, 2019

After watching with disgust liberal ‘useful idiots’ tearing down Confederate memorials and with them American history, I realized early this morning, when the ideas tend to come, that while these Bolsheviks are acting this way, at the same time they are embracing the policies of the Confederate South’s ‘cause.”

First of all, they are importing slaves.

Not in the literal sense of course, but the effect is still the same. Maybe ‘sharecropper’ is a better term.

Essentially the intentional importation of millions of illegal immigrants — who have no rights per American law — to do the manual labor of the rich elites, is exactly the same thing rich plantation owners in the Deep South did hundreds of years ago.

The limousine liberals are exploiting the labor of the poor underclass, just as the big-city bosses did when the Irish and the Poles immigrated decades before. And it’s not just free labor they desire, to care for their gardens and nurse their babies, it is coerced, brainwashed votes they want as well, to keep the elites in power of course.

“Vote for the boss or you’ll lose your benefits!” is a form of slavery.

The ‘progressives’ are also embracing the policies of the Confederate States of America, all the while calling their descendants racist, in spite of the moderate, tolerant behavior of today’s South.

On a side note, if you’ve ever been to Atlanta, GA, or other southern cities, you will notice that blacks and whites live well together. The racism is in the Northeast and West Coast, liberal sanctuaries, where they hate whites. But the discussion of this hypocrisy is for another column.

The issue of states’ rights is now paramount in California, where they call it by another name — ‘sanctuary cities’. Essentially, their argument is one of federalism vs the big-government reality of today they helped to create. In George Washington’s time, he would have sent an army to put down the rebellion. It remains to be seen what tactics President Trump uses to rein in rebel, liberal states in their ‘resistance’ to federal power, enshrined by our Constitution.

As usual, the Marxist hypocrisy is so glaring, that it is hard to ignore.

At the end of the day, these people simply want power, the power to control others, power to implement their agenda of open borders, destroying the rule-of-law and our free-market system economy.

They essentially want to destroy the American system of government, and replace it with the murderous one of control dreamed up by Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

The resurgent liberal call to abolish the American electoral college is a perfect example of this push for control. If small states had no power, then California, New York, Texas and Florida would effectively control the United States of America. This cannot be allowed to happen.

I hope the Trump Education Department gets busy in the second term destroying the liberal re-education that we are experiencing in our primary, secondary and universities today. It is killing America. Our students don’t know history, or even simple civics.

We all need to work to change this pathetic situation.

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