- - Monday, January 28, 2019

Walls by themselves are very ineffective at keeping people in or out. Even that great fortified wall, the Maginot Line, was totally ineffectual at preventing the Germans from invading France. The Germans simply went around it, over it and under it. The Berlin Wall was somewhat effective, but that was only because there were armed sentries on it, shooting at those who tried to escape. Yet even that did not deter those East Germans intent on escaping to West Germany for a better life, like the illegal immigrants to the United States want.

Is President Trump planning on having armed sentries, too? At what cost to the American taxpayer? And would Americans even tolerate using those tactics against illegal immigrants, who include women and children?

America needs to start arresting those who hire illegal immigrants. That will significantly reduce illegal immigration immediately, especially if the first person imprisoned was Mr. Trump himself, for hiring 100 illegal Polish immigrants to take down the Commodore Hotel to make room for Trump Tower. Not only did Mr. Trump get “cheap” labor, but those workers had to take Mr. Trump to court to get him to pay them.


Chairman, Constitution Party of Virginia

Newport News, Va.

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