- - Thursday, June 20, 2019

Border agents have become exceptionally frustrated with Congress as it refuses to deal with the illegal-immigration issue and the issue worsens.

The number of illegal aliens coming to America’s southern border has overwhelmed border-agent resources. Although President Trump is doing all he can to slow the flood of undocumented Central Americans, Africans and others coming to America and claiming asylum, the problem ultimately can’t be solved unless Congress changes our immigration laws.

In fiscal 2018, border agents apprehended more than 100,000 families that made their way illegally onto U.S. soil and, more often than not, claimed asylum. That number has now tripled to more than 300,000, and we’re only halfway through 2019.

The Democrats, RINO Republicans, liberals and the mainstream media blame the Trump administration for its “abuse” and “cruelty” toward illegal immigrants — yet they won’t help solve the crisis. They point fingers, blame and do nothing.

Congress reminds me of the first man, Adam. Adam essentially told God that responsibility for his eating of the forbidden fruit lay with Eve. Similarly, congressional Democrats will not take responsibility for their own (in)action — resolving the border situation. Instead, they blame Mr. Trump for not doing a better job.

So don’t believe the propaganda of mainstream media. Vote the Democrats and RINO Republicans out of office.


Aurora, Ill.

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