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I’ve been writing letters to The Washington Times for about eight years now. When I see an injustice or an issue that should be challenged, I feel compelled to speak out. Various people have contacted me over the years to express their appreciation for my writings. Some have stated that they felt the same way but didn’t know how to put it into words, and they’ve encouraged me to keep writing. Recently, however, a vile note, which I am sure was in response to one of my published pieces, was sent to my home.

This was a first for me considering the bonds my letters have created between me and others. If someone wants to challenge me by leaving an online comment about what I wrote, I consider it fair game because I can always respond. But I’m a private citizen and not a politician, so when someone violates my home space, I have a serious problem with it.

The envelope that arived at my home came from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and had a return address. Inside was a long and nasty newspaper clipping about President Trump. The slanderous piece, by Arkansas Times columnist Gene Lyons, accused the president of jury tampering, obstruction of justice, assailing prosecutors and more. It called Mr. Trump “a tangerine manchild whose only apparent political goal was to tear down the legacy of the first black president.” Also included in the envelope I received were pictures, one with Mr. Trump wearing a hat that said, “Make America A Laughingstock,” and another with Vladmir Putin wearing an American “I Voted” sticker.

I don’t know if the intent of this mailing was to silence or intimidate me, but as a former law enforcement officer and a Marine Vietnam War veteran, I don’t take kindly to threats. Needless to say, I sent a copy of what I received to the White House.

To those who disagree with our letters, don’t assault us at home. Have the guts to write your own letter and state your objections.


Warrenville, S.C.

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