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The mantra of “pro choice” activists has long been to make abortion “safe, legal and rare.”

Some 50 million butchered preborn babies later, does anyone still believe that lie?

We know that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest provider of abortions, sets quotas for their clinics. Directors and staff who meet or exceed the number of babies they are supposed to kill are rewarded.

We know that they train their “counselors” to talk young, frightened girls into having the dangerous, deadly procedure.

Why wouldn’t Planned Parenthood employees be experts at manipulating pregnant women when the organization makes millions off of killing their children? Planned Parenthood tells so very many lies. I guess telling lies is no big deal when your business is murder.

While we shouldn’t be shocked by Planned Parenthood’s deception, we should be outraged the organization continues to wield so much power and influence.

Case in point: On Friday, a movie that exposes the sordid business practices of Planned Parenthood hits theaters around the country. What should have been given a PG-13 rating was slapped with an R rating by the Hollywood elites at the MPAA in an effort to kill it.

“Unplanned” follows the story of former clinic director Abby Johnson, starting from when Planned Parenthood staff first deceived her as a college student, to how she came to run one of their clinics, all the way to the traumatic moment when she realized she had unwittingly become part of a baby butchering enterprise.

It’s a moving, tastefully done true story that every young woman in America should see. Why? Because our daughters will encounter Planned Parenthood activists in high school or college. It’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of how young they will be when they face the lies. Lies that first encourage girls to be sexually active. Lies that then convince them that sexual activity is safe if birth control is used. Lies that tell them that if they do end up pregnant, the “clump of cells” can be easily removed.

Ms. Johnson was a victim of Planned Parenthood and was soon transformed into a victimizer. But one fateful day when she was asked to assist in an abortion, she saw the brutal truth for the first time. She watched the ultrasound monitor in horror as the baby struggled to escape a suction tube that grabbed its tiny feet, reducing the little body into a pulverized, bloody slush as it vanished from the screen and its mother’s belly.

From that moment on, her new life’s mission was to keep other young women and their children from becoming victims too. “Unplanned” can do exactly that. The problem is, Planned Parenthood is on their own mission to make sure that teenagers do not see the movie. The R rating prevents anyone under 17 from going to the theater without an adult.

How ironic that in many states teens can get an abortion without parental consent, but nowhere in the nation can they see this movie that exposes the truth about abortion without being accompanied by an adult.

We need to be on our own mission to share Abby Johnson’s story so that other young girls don’t fall victim too. A film’s opening weekend is critical to its success, and by limiting the teenage audience from seeing “Unplanned,” Planned Parenthood and their cohorts hope to abort the life of the movie as soon as possible.

Courageous pastors, youth group leaders, and former victims of Planned Parenthood are organizing groups of students, parents and adults to accompany minors to the movie opening weekend. You can help protect America’s young women from the clutches of Planned Parenthood too. Go see the movie, and take a group of teens with you. Better yet, buy tickets in advance from your local theater and give them away. You can learn more at UnplannedFilm.com.

There’s one more important thing you can do: share the truth of the forgiveness, mercy and healing that God offers all who have been deceived. Fifty million abortions translates to millions of moms and dads who have aborted their own children. Just as Ms. Johnson found mercy and healing for her brokenness, anyone who seeks God’s grace can too. Along with the release of the movie, the producers have developed a beautiful resource called, “Planned From the Start: A Healing Devotional.” You can help share hope.

Rebecca Hagelin can be reached at rebecca@rebeccahagelin.com.

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