- The Washington Times - Monday, March 25, 2019

The “Big Three” broadcasters — ABC, CBS and NBC — provided an astonishing amount of coverage on Robert Mueller’s investigation of President Trump.

A study released Monday found that the three networks produced over 38 hours of Russia “collusion” coverage — and 92 percent of it was negative in tone and content.

“ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts produced a combined 2,284 minutes of ‘collusion’ coverage, most of it (1,909 minutes) following Mueller’s appointment on May 17, 2017. That’s an average of roughly three minutes a night, every night, for an astonishing 791 days — a level of coverage normally associated only with a major war or a presidential election,” writes Rich Noyes, senior editor of Newsbusters.org, a conservative press watchdog.

“The network’s fixation on scandal over substance is one reason their coverage of the president has been so preposterously lopsided. From January 1 through March 21 of this year, the spin of Trump coverage on the evening newscasts has been 92 percent negative vs. just eight percent positive — even worse than the 90 percent negative coverage we calculated in 2017 and 2018,” Mr. Noyes said, referring to two previous studies the organization conducted.

He noted that ABC News correspondent Terry Moran warned earlier this month that it would be “a day of reckoning” for the media if the Mueller report did not support the preferred press narrative that the president was somehow involved in Russian collusion.

“As much as any of their hyperbolic spin, the massive onslaught of coverage during the past two years starkly reveals the media’s mindset. Now that the investigation they relentlessly touted has ended with an outcome favorable to the president they despise, it does seem a good time for that ‘reckoning,’” Mr. Noyes wrote.

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