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Whenever you see the words “equal” or “equality” in the title of legislation, it’s probably time to fight. Not for the bill, but against it.

Why? Because it usually indicates that the heavy hand of government is about to bludgeon freedom and individuality, as well as laws designed to protect the vulnerable.

Liberals are expert marketers. They understand that the average American has an attention span only as long as a headline or tweet. So they package their poison in short, pithy phrases that no “reasonable” person can disagree with: “Planned Parenthood,” “Equal Rights Amendment,” “pro-choice” come to mind.

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Another word to watch out for in liberal lingo is “fairness.” Who can possibly be against planning, equality, choice or fairness?

Liberals use these sanctimonious platitudes to hide their socialist economic and political agenda in policies from promoting abortion to quashing religious freedom. They never stop trying to stifle liberty.

When one of their putrid proposals is rejected, they merely repackage it with a new, delicious-sounding name. Their insatiable appetite for power causes them to constantly scheme with the goal of deceiving the public.

The latest smoke-and-mirrors tricks are the “Equality Act of 2019” and its cousin, the “Fairness for All Act,” currently moving through Congress. The bewitching titles belie the content of the deadly legislation, which if either were to become law, would destroy all other laws, customs and protections that women currently have as a distinct gender. The free practice of religion and conscience also would be gone.

In one sleight-of-hand maneuver, the legislation would accomplish what the Obama/Biden administration promised to do years ago: transform America.

Radical feminist/socialist ideology has placed women on the brink of losing every protection and accommodation that we have achieved specifically because we are different from men.

The type of feminism espoused by Susan B. Anthony demanded that no human be treated as inferior, including the unborn. But somewhere along the way, bitter women steeped in socialist thought hijacked the efforts to treat all people with dignity and replaced it with an oppressive ideology that pretends that there are not two distinct genders, that insists some humans are more valuable than others and that believes government knows better than individuals how to run our lives.

What would America look like under the oppressive dictates of the fake “Equality Act”? Shelters for abused women will become coed facilities. Gone will be the right of women to choose only female doctors. Male and female bathrooms and locker rooms will vanish.

Think through what that means for you 6-year-old daughter. Do you really want her in the same bathroom as a 12-year-old boy? Ladies, are you comfortable with the thought of a man in the stall next to you?

Under the fake “Equality Act,” all sports would become coed. Today, anyone is free to enter a coed sports competition if they so desire. There just aren’t that many because common sense and biology dictate otherwise.

We’ve already seen the results when so-called transgender people are allowed to waltz into a competition designed for women. The males dominate the females and take home the first prize every time. Say goodbye to the sight of victorious women on the dais wearing gold medals, and so long to college athletic scholarships for high school female champions, because there won’t be any.

This is madness. This is what it is like when liberal, “progressive” doctrine reigns. Freedom is quashed. Civility is lost. Common decency is trashed along with common sense.

Oppressive dogma that seeks to supplant order with chaos, common sense with government mandates and freedom with bureaucratic control is as old as humanity.

America was birthed out of the desire of men and women to be free from oppressive authorities who sought to control them, even down to what they believe about God. These brave people fled their homelands so they could live according to how their consciences — not the government — dictated. This is why America was established.

The fake “Equality Act” would punish Americans who refuse to participate in activities that violate their faith. Today, there is no where left to flee. Will we allow the land of the free to be transformed?

America was founded to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

To learn more about how the fake “Equality Act” would destroy that sacred cause, visit ConservativeActionProject.com.

Rebecca Hagelin can be reached at [email protected]

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