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Rep. Ilhan Omar called on America to abolish ICE, to quit all deportations — to basically open U.S. borders wide to all who would cross, friend or enemy, apparently.

How did this woman manage to work through her oath of office without giggling?

After all, congressional members are sworn into their seats, and part of that swearing-in ceremony requires them to promise to protect America against all enemies, as well as to defend the Constitution.

How can there be a Constitution without law and order?

How can there be a country without protection of, and selection at, the borders?

“[T]he president has unveiled an immigration plan that makes no mention of DACA, a program [President Donald] Trump unilaterally ended in late 2017, that has been hanging by a thread thanks to court injunctions,” Omar said, in a videotaped speech that came in response to Trump’s border plan.

She said the plan unfairly fails to ensure a path to citizenship for those in-country on temporary protection status — for those fleeing violence and applying for asylum.

“Our nation is, and has always been, a beacon of hope for the world,” Omar went on, as Mediaite noted. “We should be welcoming immigrants into our country and providing them a simple and accessible path to becoming documented, not treating them like criminals or dehumanizing them by calling them animals.”

The “animals” reference is the left’s well-worn skewing of Trump’s long-ago reference to MS-13 gang members and others with criminal, thuggish intents.

Potatoes, potahtoes.

The left is never very strict with the truth.

Trump, for example, actually called increases in some forms of immigration, particularly for skilled workers and those with advanced degrees — you know, the kind of people who could actually help move America forward on the economic and cultural front, not simply drain America of its entitlements.

Trump also pressed for a revamped asylum system that would allow those with “legitimate” claims to go to the head of the line.

But tomatoes, tomahtoes.

There’s that leftist version of truth once again.

“So what are we asking for?” Omar said. “We need to abolish ICE and end all inhumane deportation and detention programs.”

She said more, but it’s all the same-same stuff and nonsense the left always puts out about America’s borders — down with borders, borders are bad, people who want borders are intolerant racists.

Still, America has yet to see even one of the loud-mouthed leftists who demand an end to ICE and an eradication of borders open their own homes, their own walled and fenced residences, to migrants who’ve recently crossed.

And America won’t.

Because with the left, it’s all about — it’s always about — the “do as I say, not as I do.”

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