- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Nearly half of Americans told Gallup pollsters they’d vote for a socialist candidate for president.

Roughly 58% of American adults said they’d vote for an atheist.

And 43% said socialism would be a “good thing” for the country, not a “bad thing,” Gallup wrote.

What the freak, America.

What. The. Freak.

America was founded on a principle of individual liberty, where rights come from God, not government — where the elected entities are beholden to the people and reined in, rightly, on what they can do absent constitutional authorities, minus permission from the taxpaying citizens.

The federal government is supposed to be limited in powers; both 9th and 10th amendments underscore the bulk of powers are vested in the states and individuals — in ultimately, the people.

And if that’s not enough, that whole Bill of Right thing is all about the authorities the people hold, just by virtue of being born into this free American society. They’re unalienable, in other words.

Where exactly does socialism fit into this picture?

“More Americans Now See Socialism as a Good Thing for the Country,” Gallup wrote, just this week.

In 1942, only 25% of adult Americans believed that. Now, 43% do. So what’s changed?

In brief: Public education. The culture and its disdain for absolutes, for rights versus wrong. The moral compass of the nation, and its flipping of good for evil. The destruction of the family unit, that most basic of teaching tool for the youth of tomorrow. But mostly, primarily — the removal of God from the public arena.

Push God from the public square and here comes government, to set itself up as a new god.

“Previous Gallup research shows that Americans’ definition of socialism has changed over the years, with nearly one in four now associating the concept with social equality and 17% associating it with the more classical definition of having some degree of government control over the means of production,” Gallup wrote.

Change the definition of socialism — soften the definition socialism — and the end result, in America, is still the same: Not America.

America, as founders envisioned, cannot coexist with socialism.

But here’s the bright spot that gives clue in reversing this sad, sad Gallup finding: Socialism cannot coexist with God.

• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter, @ckchumley.

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