- - Wednesday, May 22, 2019

We’ve written extensively here about the absolute corruption and dual loyalties of the Obama administration. Our main point has been that to analyze Barack Obama’s record, you cannot listen to his eloquent words, but have to discern the malign consequences of his actions, an Islamic caliphate flourishing in the Middle East being in the forefront.

When you combine these consequences with the criminal lawlessness being exposed as we write, enabled from the top, along with the intentional racial division that permeated the Obama presidency, the only conclusion possible is that Obama’s agenda was to destroy the United States, not save it.

He was truly a Manchurian Candidate and we may never recover.

When we speak of Joe Biden, who was present during those eight years of organized crime, aiding and abetting it, the only other logical conclusion is that Joe Biden represents more of the same.

Don’t believe me? Just listen to his own words.

“China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man,” Mr. Biden reportedly said. “They’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what? They’re not competition for us,” the former VP declared during a political event in early May in Iowa.

We need to listen to Mr. Biden’s words this time as well.

Mr. Biden is saying this about an evil, totalitarian regime that is Hell-bent on domination over these United States. The Chicoms have over 1 million of their own citizens in concentration camps, you think they give a damn about us? They have hundreds of thousands of spies in America, sending our secrets back to Beijing. They are militarizing the South China Sea, a critical global shipping lane. They are aiding our enemies. They have been ripping us off for decades in our trading relationship.

The Democrat Party has long been in bed with China. It started with the Clintons renting out the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House to Chinese spies for money. Bill sold missile technology to the Chicoms, allowing them to better their nuclear arsenal. Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden just continued business as usual.

It has been extensively reported how son Hunter Biden received a $1.5 billion contract from Beijing, enriching the Biden family.

No wonder Sleepy Joe doesn’t think China is a threat; he’s been bought and paid for.

The corrupt media is in overdrive trying to paint Donald Trump as evil when the Biden deceit is staring us in the face.

President Trump, by sheer force of will, finally has China by the short hairs and is working hard to put American First! Mr. Biden, and his traitorous party, are doing everything they can to stop it.

The Democrats don’t care about America. They only care about power and money. China can help them get both, so to Hell with the rest of us. I’m sure John Kerry has been whispering sweet nothings in President Xi Jinping’s ear, telling him just to wait out Mr. Trump as he has been with Iran.

The seditious, corrupt, treasonous acts of the Democrats, and Old Joe, need to be exposed, and shouted from the roof tops for our younger generation to be made aware before it is too late.

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