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The House Democrats have started holding public hearings as part of their “impeachment inquiry,” but does anyone really care?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know exactly how this plays out. All but a few House Democrats vote to impeach President Trump, with all of the House Republicans voting against it. The impeachment then heads over to the Senate for trial where all the Senate Republicans, except for perhaps Mitt Romney, voting against Mr. Trump being removed. 

The crazy thing about this entire scenario is that if you or I, lay people when it comes to analyzing Congress, can easily predict this, then the actual “professional” members of Congress definitely know where this is headed as well. So, if they already know this, why move forward with it?

The answer is simple: It’s the greatest political gamble of our lifetimes — with our taxpayer money.

Sadly, Democratic political veterans like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer know how this ends, with their team losing in major ways in 2020. Instead, Congress could be accomplishing things. There are piles of pieces of legislation that could have been focused on to potentially improve the lives of Americans, but instead, we’re stuck with hearing from leftists-on-Twitter’s newest heroes, people like Col. Alexander Vindman who have been the most recent anointed saviors from people who used to hate the military, but who jump to salute those who are suddenly anti-Trump.

To be honest, Democrats would have been better off trying to impeach the president on their ridiculous obstruction-of-justice claims that they were making throughout the Mueller investigation — at least they had some debatable evidence in that scenario. By claiming over and over again that the president obstructed by merely tweeting about it being a “witch hunt,” they created a narrative that could have been argued. And even though there was no debate whether or not a witness in that investigation (which the White House fully complied with) was intimidated (they weren’t) the Democrats could have had a platform that didn’t seem completely preposterous.

In the current impeachment scenario, the president is accused of covering up a phone call that he released the full transcript of — and we are still led to believe by talking points that the whistleblower is actually a whistleblower, not just an Obama holdover that did nothing more than created a dramatic hearsay account of something that is now public record.

So what exactly are the Democrats thinking? 

What do they hope to gain from this impeachment?

I think they’re looking at a crop of candidates who have no chance of defeating Mr. Trump in the 2020 election and realize this is their last chance to stop him. Whether it be Joe Biden, who seems to be too old to remember where he is when he’s not busy smelling women’s hair, or Elizabeth Warren, who after pretending to be a Native American most of her career now tries to pretend that she isn’t a socialist, or any of the other pile of unelectable candidates, the Democrats know their days in the White House are numbered. Impeachment is the 80-yard Hail Mary pass into a crowd in the end zone in the last seconds of a football game when the team is down by six points. Their loss is inevitable, but they’re just hoping to tie it up with a chance to win.

Unfortunately for Americans, this isn’t a game they opted in to buying tickets for. Their money is being wasted on this political game so that Democrats can attempt to eliminate their unbeatable opponent in a losing game. Worse yet is that numbers are showing that the more they push forward, the more Republicans win.

Mr. Trump’s approval rating with Republicans has maintained record numbers, rarely if ever dipping below 95 percent, and the fundraising numbers between his campaign and the RNC have far surpassed any campaign’s in any quarter throughout history. How you can be an adviser or consultant to a Democrat and watch this scenario play out without screaming “STOP!” boggles my mind.

In recent history, we watched Republicans get decimated after the Clinton impeachment hearings — and now the numbers that the GOP are putting up in spite of the Democrats efforts are incredible.

If you’re a Republican during these hearings, you aren’t paying attention to the silly political theater that Democrats are wasting your hard-earned money on. And if you’re a Democrat, you’re watching intently, hoping that the team you’ve bet on isn’t about to blow all your money and hopes on the future.

But we all already know how this turns out. The only question that remains is whether or not Don Jr. will run to follow his father’s two terms in 2024.

• Tim Young is a political comedian and author of “I Hate Democrats/I Hate Republicans” (Post Hill Press).

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