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Joe Biden, during the most recent Democratic debate, told an MSNBC-watching audience that men shouldn’t ever “raise a hand to a woman in anger” — except when he has to, when it’s “self-defense.” And then he went on to talk about society’s need to keep “punching,” “punching,” “punching” away at the culture of violence that’s infested our nation.

And wait for it, wait for it: That wasn’t even Biden’s worst debate-related moment.

Republicans are loving this man. He’s just the laugh track that keeps on playing.

“No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger other than in self-defense, and that rarely ever occurs,” Biden said.

That’s like saying men shouldn’t hit women, except in rare cases. And that’s like saying men sometimes have a right to hit women.

He then added: “So we have to just change the culture, period. And keep punching at it and punching it and punching at it.”

There’s imagery for you.

No danger of Joe being asked to serve as a spokesman for Abused Women Of America, is there?

Then there was that whole stumble over how many black women actually have served in the Senate thing, when Biden, bragging about his support from blacks, said he was endorsed by the “only African American woman ever elected to the Senate” — a reference that seemed to go to Carol Moseley Braun, but that conveniently forgot the woman standing on stage, fourth from his right, Sen. Kamala Harris.

Funny stuff?

Forgetful stuff. Forgetful stuff that doesn’t do much to allay the concerns of those who think the guy, at 77, carrying the “Sleepy Joe” nickname, might in fact be too old to serve.

Then there was this: ‘Did I make you proud?’: Biden team blasts out post-debate fundraising plea hours before debate kicks off,” Politico wrote in a headline.

Too true; Biden’s team actually sent out an email requesting feedback on his debate performance — fully six hours before the debate even began.

The email, a fundraiser, no less, kicked off with this: “I’m leaving the fifth Democratic debate now. I hope I made you proud out there, and I hope I made it clear to the world why our campaign is so important.”

At least with a Biden White House, America would laugh. Any Biden, not just Joe.

When DNA just confirmed that Hunter Biden is the biological father of a child born to a woman in Arkansas in August of 2018, “Team Trump” sprang to respond on Twitter with this: “Congratulations, Joe Biden!”

You’re a grandfather.

Biden’s known for his gaffes. He’s handed free passes on his blunders all the time simply because of his reputation as a gaffe master. But all jokes aside, does America really need a jokester for a president? Or worse: an incompetent.

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