- - Thursday, November 28, 2019

To get a current measure of Democratic/liberal hypocrisy, just read the articles about Joe Biden’s son (if you can find any), and instead of reading “Hunter Biden,” insert “Eric Trump.” Try to imagine if the press coverage or congressional interest would be any different.

Maxine Waters is calling out Ben Carson over his lack of intellect; Kamala Harris is working that “black girl magic” out on the campaign trail; and Elizabeth Warren, also out on the campaign trail, is so concerned with the plight of black Americans that she probably now regrets pretending to be an American Indian instead.

Our current commander in chief protects and praises warriors — while his predecessor congratulated and traded traitors and the mentally ill for top-level Islamist terrorists.

The other check on current hypocrisy levels is to note how many of the crimes the Democrats and liberals have sought to pin on the president they are guilty of themselves.

Adam Schiff and Nancy and Pelosi must see superheroes when they watch themselves on television in the same manner anorexic people see themselves as fat when they look in the mirror.


Columbia, Md.

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