- - Thursday, October 17, 2019

Communism is all about power and the elites who govern the peons. It uses a system of controls that strangles the little guys while the top prospers in power and wealth. It kills economic prosperity and creativity, and significantly dampens the morale of the masses. It controls all facets of society and is exceptionally strong once set in place. It uses deception, lies and manipulation to advance its cause.

The Democrats and liberals are driving in that direction. They’re using mainstream media to advance and support their agenda. Mainstream media is no longer journalistic; it is propagandist, and it doesn’t care what the citizens think. It has an agenda and day by day forces its propaganda down the throats of its listeners and viewers.

The Democrats and liberals will use misinformation and the creation of fear to deceive the American people. One scam that they’ve used successfully is the fear of global warming. They’re instilling it into children and training the next generation in a bogus and false belief system in order to accomplish their agenda. If you tell lies often enough and people start to believe them.

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The Democrats, liberals and mainstream media want others to jump on their bandwagon of subversion. They seek to destroy capitalism in America, give away our sovereignty to the globalists, take away guns from the good guys, and destroy Christianity.

If you’re a true patriot, you’ll resist their propaganda.


Aurora, Ill.

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